Live Real Estate recommends the professional services and support of our trusted and highly respected home loan origination firm, Ooba.

Ooba is more likely to secure you a bond than your bank, they recognise that purchasing a property is an intimidating process and their dedicated experts empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed and educated decisions with regards to your finances and purchasing power.

Assessing your affordability and obtaining prequalification strengthens your offering position as a Purchaser so you can shop with confidence.  Once you have selected your dream home your Ooba consultant will personally manage your application from the very beginning until the end.  Your qualified consultant will source multiple quotes for you with all commercial, and private if necessary, banks and negotiable the best possible rate on your behalf so you get the best terms on your home loan.

Ooba’s first class service takes the pain and time of the administration of multiple banks off your hands, your Live Real Estate broker works closely with them to ensure your bond is approved timeously to secure your purchase.

The service, and ultimate approval, of Ooba’s mortgages costs you nothing, there is no obligation but certainly a valuable and highly recommended free service.

For up to date bank bond finance guidelines, to get pre-qualified or to apply for a home loan mail us now and our mortgage originator will contact you.