There are very few decisions as important and life-changing as buying property. There are so many variables, to take into account, and such a wide variety of factors when coming to that final decision. This makes finding the right real estate agency one of the most pivotal moments in most peoples lives. Property buyers really have to put a lot of trust and faith in their chosen real estate company, likewise homeowners need to trust their broker with their lives, after all your home is an extension of your life.

In an increasingly digital and technological modern landscape, it would seem that the human touch is lacking in so many facets of society. This correlates to the real estate industry as well, where many brands are opting to prioritise technology over kindness and understanding. This is why more than ever people are looking to buy a property from real estate agencies that still treasure community and one on one attention to detail and support.

This is the mandate of Live Real Estate, we have based our ethos off these principles. This does not mean that we are not also willing to use technology, however, it is not our primary method and in this, we have created an agency, firmly based around people instead of the ever increasing cyber landscape.

Miller and his team have flourished in the property market along the Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl areas in Cape Town due to the core values and business ethics they practise.

A real estate agency with feeling:

Live Real Estate is that company, founded by Brendan Miller, who has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in all facets of an increasingly competitive property market place. Miller has built a loyal following of successful brokers and clients, due to his proven track record as one who is always willing to go the extra mile. The highly regarded property specialist has secured an experienced and dedicated team of brokers, who value the personal touch when working with clients.

After operating under an international corporate model over the last 8 years, the market has changed considerably and Miller and his team have opted for the local, owner operated, personalised service model. Between the Principal and agents we share decades of area and industry experience and knowledge, something very few can stand by. In an automated era, real knowledge, about the past, present and future is critical in making property related decisions.

Technology vs. Humans:

There are various articles and information out there on the internet about how technology has greatly changed the real estate industry. However, many potential homeowners and sellers are looking for a human touch, a true understanding instead of technological advancement. This is where Live Real Estate is different from their competitors and even though this new venture is willing to utilize technology, they are also extremely dedicated to giving attention to detail that is often missing in the modern world of property sales and leasing.

Although there is little resistance to this change, there are many lessons to be learned. Even self-described tech enthusiasts who have embraced technology for a couple of decades agree that technology is sometimes a double-edged sword. According to one thoughtful broker associate I spoke with, reliance on technology can lead to problems in a "people-oriented" business, and "losing touch with customers" is a real fear”. -Ryan Tollefsen, January 24, 2019.

Live Real Estate goes beyond the call of duty:

Live Real Estate is a team dedicated to going beyond the call of duty. In most regards, real estate agencies just want a signed agreement and once they have received that signature, they are very happy to leave the client to their own devices with little to no additional support. The Live Real Estate door is always open for all additional support, information or services needed. Besides the usual sales and leasing, Live Real Estate agents will help with the management of the property as well.

Our in-house personnel engage with our clients after the sale is concluded, walking with them through the conveyancing and registration process.

We sell lifestyles not just properties:

At Live Real Estate, we are dedicated to creating more than just a property agency but a lifestyle, allowing you to live your best life. Cape Town is often awarded numerous accolades for being one of Africa’s leading cities. This has created a lifestyle that rivals some of the world’s most breathtaking and regarded locations. It is of utmost importance to Live Real Estate that lifestyles are created in one of the jewels of South Africa - Cape Town. Many people from South Africa and abroad dream of living in Cape Town and with Live Real Estate this dream is easily obtainable, with your particular requirements being our priority.

A coming-together of cultures, cuisines and landscapes, there's nowhere quite like Cape Town, a singularly beautiful city crowned by the magnificent Table Mountain National Park”.

Live Real Estate is all about building communities:

Live Real Estate is all about community involvement this is why, we have decided to be located in the heart of Sea Point, which is one of Cape Town’s most community-driven areas. We hope to create an environment, where, our headquarters are more than just an office but a place of care and understanding. Where clients feel welcome to pop in any time for a coffee and chat about their respective dream home. Live Real Estate hopes to break away from the old corporate mindsight, to enable a community to flourish amongst everyone who wishes to invest in the Cape Town property market.

Live Real Estate’s massive offices, 270sqm of prime space, is located on a ground floor corner of the busiest intersection in the highly desirable suburb of Sea Point and isĀ filled with experienced brokers willing to help. The highly visible premises attracts a lot of foot traffic through the doors by both locals and tourists, the brokers work together in constant discussion and brainstorming, to provide the best service and properties for each and every client. Live brokers believe in collaborating and sharing to ensure the process is as smooth as possible and lasting relationships are built.

Even in the digital age, computers and robots will never have the same kind of understanding and care as human beings. This is a factor that sets Live Real Estate apart from our competitors. We have an extensive amount of knowledge revolving around the Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl, suburban areas of the Mother City, as well as vast experience in the buying, selling and leasing of real estate. Our dedicated brokers are waiting to take care of all your property needs. Get on the phone and contact one of our highly skilled and understanding brokers. They are waiting to make sure every angle is covered in your quest to find the ultimate home in Africa’s leading tourist destination - Cape Town. Comfort, transparency and trust are the cornerstones of this established brokerage. Don’t take our word for it, get involved.

“Live your best life” with Live Real Estate.